Friday, August 31, 2001

Thursday, August 30, 2001

When I read an email from a friend that he read four Harry Potter books,then only I am convinced that millions are reading the books that make the author JR Rowling millions of quids! Honestly, I can't get to read the first ten pages of the books. There goes the saying -A man's meat is another man's poison!

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

Monday, August 27, 2001

My friend told me that he is working in the BEST place in the WORLD! Where else can it be? He is having a nice room at 36th floor of Menara Petronas overlooking the beautiful garden! After having his lunch for 15 minutes, he will bury himself in the Kunikoniya Bookshop reading whatever books he chooses!

Now, I really believed that some people are born lucky.
Anyone wishes to employ me there? Just call, I come running.....

Friday, August 24, 2001

Just bought a magazine called The Web.The main story is :

Hacking: An Anthology

At the mosque to-day, I bought a book by Prof. Dr Hamka-Tasauf Moden.Hope to read it before the coming Ramadhan on the 16th. Nov.,20001

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

I like arts but reading books about arts make me go to sleep.Real stories is better-like biography and personal adventures.

Monday, August 20, 2001

Just finished reading Hamka' s Kenangan Hidup. Now, I am going to read something on management.My favourite magazine is Fast Company.On Literature, I prefer Utne Reader but when it comes to something 'geeky', my my choice is Wired.

Wednesday, August 15, 2001

To-day I met a friend who seldom read books-too busy he said. However, he reads political events taking place in my country. This is a kind of reading that not many can do. It is a reading without uttering a word!
Something like reading between the lines.

Wednesday, August 08, 2001

While we talked business over a steaming hot morning coffee, I also mentioned about my interest in reading to my business asociate. She asked me what book I am reading. I told her that I am reading Bookstore because I am interested to know more about bookshops.In fact, I have visited a few interesting bookshops in London,Beunos Aires, Boston,Melbourne and Sydney.She told me about an interesting book entitled Rich Dad,Poor Dad. Btw, she also reads books in French. How nice if I could also read mathematical books in French especially the discourse by Descartes.
Honestly, I love to be able to read in Arabic for my soul and in French for my mind;-)

Monday, August 06, 2001

After sending my wife to Starhill, I entered the Starbuck cafe' at KL Plaza. Then I ordered a cup of mocha americano as recommended by the salesgirl. Honestly I am always lost on what to order every time I go to Starbuck or Gloria Jeans-too many brands of coffee to choose from. After making myself comfortable, I took out my notebook and began to write notes of what I see and feel inside the cafe'. This is my first time writing in such a place. I got the feeling like a writer writing his first draft of his next novel along Champs Elyse'es in Paris!
The music and the ambience are the gravity and the lubricant pushing my creative juice down to my pen and paper.

Sunday, August 05, 2001

Soon the movie entitled The Tailor of Panama will come to my local cinema. That reminds me to read the book by Le Carre' which I bought at London Terminal 3 Airport on 7th June,1997! I bought the novel for more than four years ago and never find the time to read. Every time I want to read the book, I always prefer to another another book. I think I am *not* doing justice to the author;-)

Actually, I have a few more books that I have bought that keep gathering dust. The execuse is the same as above.My rate of reading book is half my rate of buying books!

Thursday, August 02, 2001


I really like Hamka approach towards understanding of Islam. Just now I saw a book entitled Tasauf Moden at a stall besides the mosque. Since I don't have money with me at the time ,I have to remind myself to bring RM 15 next Friday.

Wednesday, August 01, 2001

Just bought the August issue of FastCompany magazine. This magazine costs me RM 25.00 a month!
This beautiful magazine is worth every cent if not for the contents but its design and print quality. I would rather forego my lunch and dinner to buy this magazine.

If anyone would like to read online,please check its website at: