Saturday, January 07, 2006

Reading backlog:-(

Oh my God! To my consternation,I have discovered that there are at least a dozen books I bought last year and probably also the year below that I have not read.It conclude one thing that My rate of buying far exceeded my rate of reading.

To set the momentum for the new year,I have finished reading False Impressions by Jeffrey Archer and now I am reading The Curious Incident of The Dog by Mark Haddon.

For the record,here is a list (not exhaustive) of the books bought but NOT read last year:-

1.Gentlemen and Players
2.Who Run This Place
3.The Rule of Four
4.Cairo Triology
5.Six Stories by Douglas Adam
6.Blind Assasin
8.International Jew
10.Federal Express
11.leading Change
12.Mac OSX
13.Egypt-Myths and Legends
14.Atlas of the Quran
15.The messengers and The Messages
16.Explaination of Important Lessons
17The Quranic Way
19.Legends-Collection of short Novels by famous writers
20.becoming Effective Leader

With the above list,I don't need to buy any books for this year.As all book lovers will do, they will keep on buying new books when they see ones they like.