Saturday, April 02, 2005

Red Herrings and White Elephants

First, let me thank Kura-Kura for his kindness in giving me the book entitled Red Herrings and White Elephants.You can read his posting here. This is not the first time.I look forward to a few more;-)

I cannot comment yet on the book because I have not finished reading it yet,but I want to say something about giving books to friends, relatives and business associates. Personally, I also do buy and give away books. And a few friends also give me books as present. Thank to you all.By the way, there is a group of Malaysian Bookcrossers who are active in giving away books.

The act of giving away something to someone is very satisfying.The feeling is yours and yours only.I honestly donot know how to put it in writing due to the limitation of my ability to properly describe the feelings.But it is a great feeling if you took the trouble to look for the book and bought it to give away.Some books can change people lives...

It was fascinating to read Kura-Kura's Freedom from Temptation.I was amused how he managed to control his temptation successfully.Congratulation!

All of us are created with built-in desires or nafs.As we pass though this life, so many things attract our attention and seduce our desires.Some are good and some are not good for us.We have to make that choice. I have read of one sufi guru who refused to visit shops in order to avoid the feeling to buy and have unnecessary things.His main concern is to protect his heart from worldly desires.

There is a BIG gap between what we desire and what we need.As Mahatma Ghandi said: "This is world is enough for everyone's need but not for everyone's greed."

To Kura-Kura,terima kasih.

PS: A few years back, I have set up a mailinglist for booklovers here.You are welcome to join the community about reading ,books and bookshops.
-from my blog The Reader