Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Latest photo of my bookshelf

Latest photo of my bookshelf
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I have added about two books a month to my bookshelf.Now,I am running out of space....

April and May books

Just for my record,I bought two books in April,2006.

1.The World is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman

2.The Travellers by John Twelve Hawks

Comments: Initially, the books were interesting but they drag along...I am struggling to finish reading them.

So far,in May 2006 I bought two books:


2.Operation Red Jericho

No comments on the above yet.

Operation Red Jericho

Similarly bound by elastic band
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The book is worth every ringgit.Please go and buy one copy.Only three copies left at The Borders.

At The Borders

At The Borders
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Yesterday, my son Amir and me were at the Borders.I bought Operation Red Jericho and it is a really nice book to have.After browsing the bookshop,I spent some time with my son to discuss about his future and career over a cup of coffee at the Starbuck Café.

These are the moments that I enjoy when my kids are still with me....soon,he has to start working and having a family of his own.Just like I did almost 30 years ago.

That is life...I can't eat the cake and still have it.Both of us share a chees cake;-)