Thursday, January 24, 2002

Encik Kissman,

Kenang Kenangan Hidup is the life story of Hamka, the famous Indonesian
ulama. He started the story from the time he was born until Sukarno's era.
Reading it has given me a glimse of Indonesian political history as well as
his auto biography-specially his role in the fight of Independence and his
spiritual upbringing.

Sungai Mengalir Lesu is a novelet by our famous author A Samad Said . The
story was about a community of poor and unfortunate community who lived by
the river during the Japanese occupation in Singapore. It told the hardship
of common people during the war. The story was not that extra-ordinary but A
Samad Said's command of Malay language is very good.


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Could u write a little bit about 'kenang kenag hidup' and 'sg.
mengalir lesu'

kissman che lah

> Books Bought in 2001
> -------------------------
> Ice Station
> Anil's Ghost
> Chocolat
> Brethren
> Disclosure
> On Writing
> Kenang Kengan Hidup
> Tenggelamnya Kapal
> My Little iMac Book
> The Bookstore
> Tasauf Moden
> The Painted House
> The Code Book
> Enigma The Novel
> Simplicity-Elaine St James
> Sungai Mengalir Lesu
> Frederick Forsyte Stories
> Power Book
> --------------------------------

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