Monday, July 29, 2002

Just finished reading a book entitled The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.
Below are some lessons/notes that I derived from reading this interesting book:
1.Travelling is a journey of self discovery.
2,Treasure is where your heart is.
3.We do not live in the past nor in the future, but we live in the present.
4.The tradition is sacred- break at your risks!
5.The desert never change - only the sand dunes changes with the prevailing winds.
6.Some do not wish or dare to pursue their dreams because of their fear of losing what they already have and if they were to achieve their dreams, there is nothing more to dream. So they keep dreaming and do sit on their dreams.
7.To achieve your dreams, you need to stay focus and be willing to sacrifice even your life and losing loved ones.
8.Listen to your heart...
9.You will be tested along the joourney to your dreams.Each test will make you stronger for the next hurdle to achieve your dream.
10The omens are there to guide you provided your eyes and your ears are open.
11. In in a grain of sand,one can learn and discover many things if we dare to explore.
Points that I do not understand:
1. The meaning of the Soul of the World
2. Everthing is one.

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