Friday, June 20, 2003

To-day is a special day for my son and me. It is a first for both of us
in queing up for a book. We never had this experience before.But this
is a special book-Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix. We arrived
at KLCC at 6.06am .I know the exact time because I was watching the
clock. After dropping my son at Isetan, he rushed to the Kinokuniya
Bookshop and I went to park my car. By the time I arrived at the
bookshop, my son was 300m away from the entrance. I approached the
girls who were the lucky few to get the books for free and asked them
what time did they come.They told me that it was about 5:30am! May be
these girls did not sleep at all last night. At about 8am, I took
myself to Asian Flavours for teh tarik and roti canai for a breakfast.
There were not many people round at this hour. So I took a book
entitled The Age of Unreason by Charles Handy to keep me company.While
savouring the crispy roti canai, I smiled to myself-happy that my son
is NOW A READER( albeit a JUNIOR READER,Peter.) .I am happy to note
that he was willing to stand for 2 hrs 40 minutes waiting to buy a
book! IMHO, reading is the gateway to knowledge and knowledge is
power.To-day is one of the milestones in my odyssey to inculcate the
culture of reading to my son. Thanks to Allah swt for opening my son's
mind and heart to reading. Btw, it also saved me about RM 30 from the
book list price.

--Adib,only read the first book.

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