Saturday, July 05, 2003

From: Mohd Adib Noh Date: Fri May 23, 2003 6:24:28 PM Asia/Singapore
To: Subject: [bookcafe] Getting someone to read..

Hi, Most of us are reading a few books in a year but there are quite a number of our friends or relatives or classmates or office mates who never read a book in a year-some even 20 years! What do you think if we make it a personal project for everyone of us to get someone close to us who never read a book a year to start reading at least a book a year to start with? I think it would be a small contribution we all can do for someone who miss all the fun and the benefits of reading.It is good for the country as well... For your info, I have tried this idea and it worked. Below is the reply from a friend that I managed to convert from a non-reader( never read a book for the last 20 years after school) to start reading.I asked him how I did it to him and below is his reply:(After you do it,please report back to the bookcafe mailinglist).
Dear Adib, Thank you for remembering me as the 'awakened' personality or shall I say I was your 'eureka' ! To be frank I never miss out any dailies but to read a book somebody have to literally put a gun at my temple.!! My wife is just the extreme. She will stay right up to midnight to finish the novel. much to my chagrin. I only can say that this is real mad to read until tears begin to drop (I literally saw her sobbing while holding a book) And no sooner than she bought a book she has to return to the same bookshop to buy another one because she finished reading the very book she bought a couple of days back. You know what make me read the book you loaned to me ? I think it is more of the aproach and the assurances that I will definitely find the book interesting not to mention that you keep my ego intact.. I remember your encouraging remarks like 'you will be talking to the author' The fact that you gave me your precious belonging make me feel that I must not waste the opportunity to explore the reason why there is such thing called 'book worm' AND the choice of book is very important to start an interest in reading. The book you lent me Jeffrey Archer - short stories suited me well as a beginner which made me bought another book of similar pattern by the same author.It made me realised that not only it will enrich one's thought but will also expand one's vission. AND later when my wife caught me reading at the hall alone till wee hours of the morning made me 'blushed' If you want to start similar project IMHO you just follow similar path that you have done to me i.e. 1. identify the person - one at a time (some one close to you) 2. give him a good start by giving him the right book - not necessarily you choice 3 monitor him (not to pressure but to hook him on) - the deadline you gave me to complete the book was cleverly executed (remember you extend the deadline once you realised that I was ON with my reading) 4. Be sincere with the person. Share his reservation his excitement and be encouraging. I gauged your sincerity when you gave me you own precious book to kickstart my habit and I was DAMN bloody scared if the book got lost or even mutilated 5. Remember, you are merely trying to share your interest with a person and the person is not obliged to follow you. 6. If you feel justify reward him (remeber you gave me a book as a present during my birthday kenduri ?) Lead by example A leader has a lot to show If it is your project, gentle and persuasive monitoring is required (cann't really remember your reference to a project except if you turn your eye away from it , it will turn naughty. Hey ! apart from that I have the ability to read :)- grin -----

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