Saturday, May 15, 2004

Books On Business

during the last six months, I have been buying a few management books in order to learn new scope of business as well as to update my knowledge on the subjects that I already know. Below is the list books:

1.Management Consultancy ISBN 0-7494-3653-0
2.Who Says Elephants Can't Dance? ISBN 0-00-717087-4
3.Trout On Strategy ISBN 0-07-143794-0
4.Leading Change ISBN 0-87584-747-1
5.The Little Book of Business Wisdom ISBN 0-471-36979-9
6.The Portable MBA in Project Management-0-47-26899-2
7.Giving Presentation ISBN 0--19-860681-8

I began readin book no 5 and to finish all the above by end of 2004.

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