Saturday, September 04, 2004

1511 H[KOMBAT]

After my morning walk with Ibnu Ariff at KLCC, I went to Kinokuniya bookshop looking for a Malay novel to read. Honestly, it has been years since I read a good one.It has got nothing to do with the quality per se, but I am more inclined to read English novels.

I asked Ibnu Ariff to recommmed a good novel and he brought me one corner near the cashier dedicated to Sastera. He recommend two books by Faisal Tehrani( whom I know personally),and I decided to buy 1511H.

Btw,last night I got a call from the editor of a newspapers offering me to be a weekly columnist for book reviews. I replied to him that I agree in principle subjected to my time and capability.


Jiwa Rasa said...

Faisal Tehrani has written good books. I've read most of his books such as 1515 and Cint Hari Rusuhan.

I'm looking forward to read your book reviews in newspapers. All the best!

Anonymous said...

this guy name faisal...he's superb.never thought that there'll be an amazing novelist like him.